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Why EPW?

At EPW Europe Private Wealth Ltd, our aim is to support and empower you in every possible way so that you identify your maximum potential and fulfil your career goals. We recognize that quality development is essential to your career, and we believe that learning never stops. We take every reasonable step to ensure that you receive all the support and guidance needed and we stand next to you by all means, to support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Upon commencing employment with EPW, you will be able to share ideas and exchange opinions with other team members by working closely within a professional team. You may rest assured that you will be respected and valued for your contribution. From the very early days of your employment, you will work alongside more experienced colleagues, developing both your technical and soft skills along the way.

EPW Europe Private Wealth is an ACCA Approved Employer – Professional Development stream, having been through rigorous accreditation to demonstrate robust practices, high levels of training, strong welfare standards and importantly maintaining the core values of ACCA.

The firm has also been certified with the Sound Industrial Relations 2014 (SIR2014) accreditation by the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation in December 2023. This certification confirms our strong commitment to our employees as we strive to offer equal opportunities to all, aiming for a workplace that’s great to be in. Our personnel constitute our greatest asset and we shall remain committed in ensuring their professional and personal welfare.

Should you wish to join our team of professionals and learn from them, you may send your CV to the HR Manager at

Rest assured that it will be treated with strict confidentiality.